Jun. 26, 2016


Today I would like to share with you the key things that are essential to getting the body to heal.  They are: Circulation, Digestion and getting the Adrenals to drop down.  When the Adrenals are on over load then our body is in what we call the fight and flight state.  When we are in this state, we are like a tight rubber band that is stretched to the point of breaking.  All it takes is a little thing and we break (i.e. fight or flight).  We are just reacting and not able to think about what would be the best response or even if we need to respond.  Also when in this state our body tightens for battle which cuts down the circulation and shuts off digestion.  One is not concerned with digesting only surviving, in this state.  Stress triggers this but so do the thing that we eat like stimulates: sugar and caffeine.  The more we engage in these things, the more one activates and triggers this reaction in the body.  As we age our body tightens naturally but the more we trigger this response then we speed up the aging process and the accumulations of toxins in the body.  When the toxins accumulate in the body then we experience pain and dis-ease. The goal is to work with these things to return the body to a relaxed state and the more one works to support their body the quicker the response and the better the results will be.  We are not going to eliminate stress but how we deal with it will make all the differnce.