Jun. 20, 2016

Rohnan Therapy

The Goal of my work is to assit in the process of bringing the body into balance and health.  Healty tissue is what we see in a baby's body.  It is soft and supply and well hydrated.  As we travel through life and experience lifes challenges then we start to accumulate stress, dis-ease, trauma, unresolved emotional issues, nutritional defeciencies and poor circulation.  I have not gone through life untouched and it is through my journey that I have aquired these tools and skills that I offer.   The AVAcen is an amazing tool to help with opening up the circulation from the inside out.  This helps to make any  therapies work so much better and deeper.  PEMP (Pulse Electric Magnetic Field) Therapy reaches the body on a cellular level  These two devices together are amazing and make any following work more effective and effortless.  This also assist in helping to clear stress, assist in balancing the body and to open the channels for healing to occure and the work to have a lasting effect.